Unified Crash Helmet ZSH - 7V


The ZSH-7V unified crash helmet is a part of the helicopter crewmember protective gear. The crash helmet is designed to protect the pilot head from any impacts on the helicopter cabin components in flight or at the helicopter emergency escape. The crash helmet protects the pilot from sun glare blinding and noise. Moreover, it supports the two-way radio communication, attachment of various removable optical devices and an oxygen mask (КМ-37 or КМ-32АG).


The crash helmet incorporates an internal suspension system, which provides the helmet fitting for any person within the predetermined head size range.

The helmet features attachments for the night vision goggles, the oxygen mask and the helmet-mounted sighting device.

The helmet units and parts are manufactured using advanced technological processes and require minimum hand work.

The helmet is equipped with a device to maintain the two-way radio communication in open channels.

Year of development: 2001