Emergency oxygen units with chemical oxygen generators AKB-17UM-4, AKB-17UM-A-4, AKB-12M-3


Emergency oxygen units are designed to supply oxygen to passengers in case of aircraft cabin depressurization.

Complete set:

  • container;
  • chemical oxygen generator;
  • oxygen masks with oxygen supply indicators;
  • electric lock, which features the lid opening by an electric signal.


Altitude to be used at


no more than 12.2 km

Oxygen generator operating time


at least 15 minutes

Number of oxygen masks:


 - AKB-17UM-3


3 pcs

 - AKB-17UM-4


4 pcs



no more than 1.6 kg

Assigned lifetime


25 years


Yak-42, Tu-204, An-148, An-158, IL-96

Year of development: 1995