Shock-absorbing seat Kazbek - UM


The shock-absorbing seat Kazbek-UM is a cosmonaut working station. It helps an occupant to withstand the G-loads acting on him/her during all phases of a spacecraft mission.


  • seat frame with a restraint system, central stick and electric wire bundles mounted on it;
  • custom-made couch liner;
  • adjustable shock absorber-elevator.

At nominal operation, the seat takes up two positions: the lower position and the upper one. The lower position of the seat is optimal for G-load tolerance at the spacecraft ascent/descent. The seat is moved to the upper position by the shock absorber-elevator at ignition of its powder charge (PZ-SB) by the signal incoming from the spacecraft. The shock absorber-elevator is adjusted in accordance with the specific mass of the “seat-spacesuit-operator” system (i.e. setting of one of four modes of the shock absorber loading) in the preflight preparation stage.

Seat mass (without the couch liner): no more than 23 kg;

Couch liner mass: no more than 7 kg.

Shock absorber stroke: 250 mm.