Rescue Spacesuit Sokol-KV2


The Sokol-KV-2 rescue spacesuit is designed to provide vital functions and performance capability of the spacecraft crewmembers in case of decent module depressurization during the most dangerous phases of the mission: ascent, docking, undocking and descent.


The Sokol-KV-2 is a soft-type spacesuit. It is multilayer coveralls with integrated soft helmet and soft bootees, and removable gloves. The suit is cut out for a cosmonaut’s “sitting” position and provides the crewmember comfortable posture in the seat.

The spacesuit enclosure consists of the outer restraint layer and the internal pressure bladder.

The spacesuit pressure bladder is made of the rubberized kapron and rubberized knitted fabric.

The pressure bladder is glued to the restraint layer.

The elastic tubing of the ventilation and oxygen (gas mixture) supply system is secured to the bladder on the inside. The ventilating air is supplied to the suit legs, arms and helmet. The ventilating air and oxygen are supplied into the suit via the hose group inlet.

The spacesuit pressurization, cosmonaut’s breathing and partial cooling in the depressurized cabin are realized by oxygen (or gas mixture consisting of 40% of oxygen and 60% of nitrogen) supply to the helmet.

When there is no ventilation, the cosmonaut may wear the spacesuit:

  • up to 1 hour if the pressure helmet is open and the gloves are removed (at the spacecraft cabin pressure of 760±40 mm Hg and the temperature of +25°С);
  • up to 15 minutes if the pressure helmet is closed, the gloves are put on and the pressure regulator is open.

The spacesuits are manufactured in several sizes  to fit the persons with the stature from 161 to 182 cm and chest circumference from 96 to 108 cm (sizes from 48 to 54) subject to additional personal fitting.