Set of paratrooper’s oxygen equipment and protective gear KKO-P

KKO-P set is designed for special paratrooper squads.

KKO-P set supports the following:

  • Oxygen breathing prior to a high-altitude jump;
  • Oxygen supply during the parachute descent;
  • Head protection against impacts during emergency escape from the airplane, parachute descent and landing;
  • Radio communication;
  • Arrangement of special devices (e.g. night-vision goggles) on the crash helmet.


  • Altitude to be used at - no more than 10 km
  • BКО-P cylinder capacity - 1 liter
  • BКО-B cylinder capacity - 1 liter
  • Operating pressure in the BКО-P and BКО-B cylinders - 210 kgf/cm2.


  • ZSH-17P crash helmet;
  • КМ-36P oxygen mask;
  • BКО-P oxygen equipment unit for paratroopers;
  • BКО-B oxygen equipment unit;
  • Аrbalet-1 parachute;
  • UGKPS-50 container.